Before moving to its current location at 33 Sheldon NE in 1988, The Apartment was located on the corner of Monroe and Fulton, adjacent to an old abandoned warehouse where the B.O.B. now stands. Many regulars have very fond memories of that old place. From Mary coming in every Saturday night and announcing, "Sunday Paper- Get your Sunday morning paper.!" to the urinal trough always filled with ice, to the game room in the back. Yes, it actually contained several pinball machines but there were always other "games" taking place! Back in the day, the "old" APT was very popular with the leather crowd as well.


We all said our "goodbyes" when the new Apartment opened in the Fall of 1988- with the crowd waiting to get in, lined up past the Civic Theatre and down to Division Avenue! In its initial years, the "front" door was what the back door is now- on Library. It was after the main entry door was moved to the Sheldon Street side that the "ding" entry chime was installed on that door. It's still a head turner to this day!


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